Did La Brea get good ratings?

But NBC settles for primetime ratings tie with ABC – The “La Brea” Season 1 finale recovered a bit from last week’s penultimate episode, with its 4.8 million total viewers, matching the season-long average. Still, NBC ended up in a ratings tie with ABC across all of primetime. CBS again aired reruns.

How is the show La Brea doing in the ratings?

In the latest TV show ratings, NBC’s already-renewed La Brea wrapped Season 1 on Tuesday night with a five-week audience high (4.8 million total viewers) while steady in the demo (with a 0.5).

Where is La Brea show filmed?

Online entertainment database IMDb names Mount Macedon, Coburg Hill, Kew, Coburg High School, University of Melbourne, Pascoe Vale and Mornington Peninsula hotspot Rye as filming locations. “They built the interiors for several locations [at Docklands] including the history-defying fort,” Mirchandaney said.

Has ordinary Joe been picked up for a full season?

NBC has canceled Ordinary Joe, its ambitious drama following James Wolk’s titular character across three parallel lives, EW has learned. The series, which launched in September and concluded its 13-episode first (and now only) season in January, garnered mixed reviews and was a poor ratings performer.

Did NBC cancel La Brea?

NBC revealed its fall 2022-2023 lineup Monday, which includes “La Brea” occupying the current Tuesdays at 9 p.m. home of “This Is Us,” as well as the “Quantum Leap” reboot series taking the coveted post-“The Voice” launchpad.

Is there a season 2 of labret?

Season 2, similarly, will premiere in Fall 2022 — specifically, on Tuesday, Sept.

Is Endgame Cancelled?

Unfortunately, NBC has decided to cancel the drama series which is devastating news for anyone who enjoyed the series’ different elements of the show so far. Here’s everything we know about the abrupt cancellation of The Endgame Season 2.

Is La Brea a true story?

La Brea Woman is a human whose remains were found in the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles, California. The remains, first discovered in the pits in 1914, are the partial skeleton of a woman. At around 18–25 years of age at death, she has been dated at 10,220–10,250 years BP.

Is La Brea a limited series?

La Brea
GenreScience fiction Drama
Created byDavid Appelbaum

Is La Brea just one season?

We already knew the time travel series La Brea would be getting another season on NBC, but now we know it’ll be a super-sized one compared to its first. TVLine broke the news and SYFY WIRE has confirmed that Season 2 of the hit show will be comprised of 14 episodes — up from the 10 episode first season.

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