Can a 14 year old watch The Departed?

Parents need to know that this film is not for kids — but many will want to see it due to the incredibly heavy promotion during TV shows popular with kids.

Why is the Departed an 18?

People need to know that The Departed is a extremely inappropriate movie when it comes to the language even though there is not as much language as the goodfellas there’s still enough to make some people’s ears bleed the language is also used in violent moments mostly while the character is either mad or trying to beat

Is The Departed scary?

It’s a character who could easily have been a caricature, but in Nicholson’s hands, Costello is a quietly menacing nightmare. The Departed is a very talky film. At 151 minutes, it’s in no hurry to get anywhere, but such is its power, particularly as an example of Not Quite Horror.

Is departed a good movie?

With its clever plot, excellent acting and expert direction, The Departed is without doubt the year’s best film so far. If this really is going to be his last gangster film (he has said so), as well as his last studio-endorsed picture, Scorsese can be proud, given the masterpiece he has given us.

Is The Departed based on a true story?

While “The Departed” is not necessarily based on a true story, Jack Nicholson’s character Frank Costello is based on real-life Boston gangster James “Whitey” Bulger, who led the infamous Winter Hill Gang out of Somerville, Massachusetts, in the late 20th century (via The Wrap).

How many F words are in the departed?

Further down, Scorsese’s The Departed has a “f***” count of 237.

What movie holds the record for most swear words?

Scorsese’s “The World of Wall Street,” which stars both Hill and DiCaprio, beat the likes of Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction” to be named the film with the most curse words with 715 swear words.

What movie has the most rotten tomatoes?

To date, Leave No Trace holds the site’s record, with a rating of 100% and 249 positive reviews.

How many times can you say the F-word in a PG 13 movie?

The restrictions set by the Us ratings board mean the F-word can only be used once in a PG-13 movie.

Why is the F-word used so much in movies?

As one commentator notes, Hollywood “uses the f-word as a sort of signal to attract the audience it wants: the 15-to-25-year-olds who rush out to opening weekends and put a movie on the map.” But if this were true, every movie would be a Scream or a Wild Things-movies directed solely at 15-to-25 year olds.

How many F bombs does Deadpool have?

Because this freedom gave the Ryan Reynolds led comic-book adaptation a chance to not only create some pretty graphic and gory fight sequences, but it also allowed the superhero adaptation to be littered with a mountain of profanity too. In fact it’s now been revealed that there are 84 uses of the f-word in Deadpool.

What is the departed rated for?


Why is The Departed so popular?

Because it’s a plot-driven film with plenty of twists, The Departed is also the most suspenseful of all Scorsese movies. This is helped by the fact that the movie isn’t narrated by a protagonist with a peppy vernacular, and it never once tries to calm viewers’ nerves.

How is the movie departed?

The website’s critics consensus reads, “Featuring outstanding work from an excellent cast, The Departed is a thoroughly engrossing gangster drama with the gritty authenticity and soupy morality we have come to expect from Martin Scorsese.”

Can a 14 year old watch the platform?

You should not watch this movie with your kids because it can be really disturbing even for and older audience.

Is The Platform rated R?

Running time: One hour and 34 minutes. Rated: It’s given a “TV-MA” rating on Netflix, but on the big screen it would be rated “R” for graphic violence and foul language.

How do I talk to my child about inappropriate pictures?

  1. Starting a Conversation About Online Content.
  2. Always Be Calm and Reassuring.
  3. Spend Some Time on the Internet Together.
  4. Talk About Positive Ways to Use Tech.
  5. Discuss Staying Safe on Social Networks.
  6. Staying Safe Online.


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