Are there 2 Incredible Hulk movies?

In 2003 there was a film called simply Hulk. Then just five years later there was another Hulk film, apparently a reboot, called The Incredible Hulk.

Is there a second Incredible Hulk movie?

Leterrier said that he was open to directing a sequel. However, on April 12th, 2012, Kevin Feige confirmed that no sequel is currently in development, although he didn’t rule out the possibility that a sequel might be developed in the future.

What comes after Incredible Hulk?

The Incredible Hulk (2008) Iron Man 2 (2010) Thor (2011) Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

How many Incredible Hulk movies are there?

So, five movies in total. If you wish to watch The Incredible Hulk TV movies in order, then please use the following list: The Incredible Hulk (1977) The Return of the Incredible Hulk (1977)*

How many solo Hulk movies are there?

The Hulk dates back to 1962, and he was actually gray in his earliest appearances. Naturally, Marvel has been quick to include him in many of their movie adaptations, giving the Hulk two solo movies and a plethora of Avengers films for Old Jade Jaws to star in.

Why did they change the Hulk?

Norton had a dark take on the Hulk, and wanted the film to have the overtones of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight. While it’s true that many actors do this, Norton’s problem is that he made the vision of him obsessive. He got to the point of despising the work of the writers and wanting to replace them himself.

Which Hulk movie was better?

While Mark Ruffalo’s portrayal of Hulk in the MCU is viewed as the best, Ang Lee’s 2003 version of the superhero is psychologically better and tragic.

Which Hulk movie is part of the Marvel series?

The Incredible Hulk
Budget$137.5–150 million
Box office$264.8 million

Is Hulk 2003 part of the MCU?

Ang Lee’s 2003 adaptation of Hulk isn’t part of the MCU’s canon, but its father-son theme makes sense for Mark Ruffalo’s interpretation. Despite its mixed reception and lack of affiliation with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ang Lee’s Hulk sets up the perfect origin story for the MCU version of the character.

Are Edward Norton and Mark Ruffalo the same Hulk?

But it’s still a bit of a swerve, as the show walks through the first phase of Marvel’s movies, and recasts scenes previously played by Norton in the much maligned 2008 movie The Incredible Hulk with the actor who replaced him: Mark Ruffalo.

Are Hulk and Bruce Banner the same person?

Bruce Banner is a character created for Marvel Comics by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1962. Banner is the human alter ego of The Hulk. He is a renowned physicist who subjected himself to a gamma radiation experiment, which unleashes his alter-ego when he is overcome with anger.

Is there only one Hulk movie?

A Smashing Idea — reports that Marvel Studios is developing a World War Hulk standalone film, with production slated to begin sometime in late 2022. The outlet says that the film will take place after the events of the She-Hulk Disney+ series, which will feature Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner in a supporting role.

How did Mark Ruffalo become Hulk?

Actor Mark Ruffalo took the reigns of the Hulk from actor Edward Norton after the Birdman actor had a turbulent dance with Marvel during the production of The Incredible Hulk (2008). Most fans have forgotten about The Incredible Hulk, and Edward Norton was the MCU’s first Bruce Banner.

When should you watch the Hulk?

As previously explained by Jon Favreau himself, Hulk is set just after Iron Man 2, with Tony now officially on the Avengers team (as evidenced by his cameo in the end of the film). And that’s pretty much the only scene you need to watch.

Are both Hulk movies the same?

Yes, it is the same Hulk character, same universe. Hulk (2003) had a sequel in The Incredible Hulk (2008), which was also a sequel to Iron Man (2008), thus it was a crossover between Hulk (2003) and Iron Man (2008).

Do Hulk and The Incredible Hulk difference?

Hulk vs Incredible Hulk – Hulk and Incredible Hulk are two movies on the same fictional character Hulk. While Hulk was released in 2003, Incredible Hulk got released in 2008.

Can you skip The Incredible Hulk movie?

Most definitely SKIP. Hell, Marvel Studios pretty much pretends it didn’t happen. Edward Norton, who starred as the Hulk’s alter ego, Bruce Banner, was replaced almost immediately after the movie was released. It’s not a bad movie, just not really relevant.

Is The Incredible Hulk 2008 part of the MCU?

Love it or hate it, the 2008 Edward Norton superhero movie is MCU canon, even if Marvel recast the big green guy with Mark Ruffalo a few years later for The Avengers. Now, thanks to What If, The Incredible Hulk’s place in this interconnected multiverse feels stronger than ever.


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