Are Funny Games disturbing?

Violence 6/10. Mostly offscreen. Offscreen violence includes a dog beaten to death (body seen from far off), a child being shot dead, and other disturbing content, and death. The only violence onscreen is when a man is shot with a shotgun, but this is shown in a flash.

Does Funny Games have nudity?

Tense scenes include threats of violence, pursuit of a victim through dark hallways, and sexual taunting (which culminates in a woman being forced to strip, though no nudity is shown).

What IMDB parents guide?

The Parents Guide is made up of five different categories: “Sex and Nudity”, “Violence and Gore”, “Profanity”, “Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking” and “Frightening/Intense Scenes”. You should first decide into which category you want to add the scene description.

What is the point of Funny Games?

Since the first version came out 11 years ago, the ostensible meaning of Funny Games has been extensively rehearsed. Its point, runs the consensus, is to confront us with our hypocritical taste for the ersatz clown-violence of modern Hollywood in its various genres.

Why do they break the fourth wall in Funny Games?

Unlike most films that break the fourth wall to reveal themselves as a metaphorical look at the human condition, Haneke’s Funny Games takes its own sweet time before revealing its meta-narrative. This is an interesting way to look at how exactly does the director play with the audience expectation.

What happens in the movie inside?

A pregnant woman loses her husband in a car accident. Months later, it is Christmas Eve and she is going to give birth to her baby on Christmas Day. Against the wishes of her family and friends, the woman decides to spend Christmas Eve all alone.

How old are Peter and Paul in Funny Games?

Peter and Paul both appear to be young men or 4 staged teenagers in their early twenties or late teens They both wear white golf shirts.


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